Saturday, 21 February 2015


Last week I wells asked why I used film cameras instead of digital.
You can preview the images as you take them and easily rectify any issues when you are shooting.
You can use softening settings on the camera to beautify.
In fact you can use many tools and editing software to beautify images.
Modern cameras allow you to zoom in scary amounts without noise.

You can get very caught up on creating the perfect image of a scene that you are more focused on what it looks like on a screen than experiencing it in person.
You can never trust what a person really looks like in person when you see a digital photograph of them. They could look like the Hunchback of Notredam but all you see is another Kardashian sister.
Noise is beautiful and little flaws and scrapes are interesting.

It's no secret that fashion photography includes hours of editing to remove stray hairs, cellulite blemishes and spots and, more often than ever, weight reduction. This doesn't stop at celebrities or magazine covers - and people are doing it all the time on Instagram. I accept that I don't always look my complete best in some of the photographs I get developed and it can be daunting sharing the odd spot with the world, along with a few uncomfortably unflattering angled shots but it is what it is.
I love seeing images that are a bit badgered and hairy, discoloured and blurry as its a moment in time that couldn't be recreated again. How poetic of me, but it is true. 

The above shots are from a really shitty roll I got developed in a different place from my usual. They made a huge cock up of the job and these were the only images that were clear enough to share. Still very pretty though! 


Unknown said...

Eighth photo down is really beautiful!

S. said...


In all seriousness though, this series is the best. Long live scratchy film photos.

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