Saturday, 24 January 2015


Embrace each day with love, try new things and make life an adventure.
Cliché shit like that fills my Instagram feed, but despite being 
über inspiring and bringing the hope that we can all fulfill dreams, who really wakes up and sings these phrases to themselves in the morning like some sort of real-life Disney romantic?
With that said, I would love to have myself a little morning mantra (other than 'try not be a dickhead today') as a reminder to push myself out of my ordinary lifestyle pattern and live a little. 

My manthang is an inspirational rad person & generally makes me want to be a better human (which is greater than a mantra if you ask me). Recently I have been trying stuff I wouldn't have even thought of doing before. One being sushi.
'So fuck!?' I hear you cry. But yes! In my unexceptional twenty two and a half years on this earth, sushi was uncharted territory and I was happy to go through life without having tasted some weird balls of 'what the hell even is that?' with a side of raw fish (I mean, should it not be battered and piping hot?). I gave it a shot, and it was indeed an awesome experience in my mouth. Hats off to you, Japan!

See, it doesn't take much to have a little adventure, and sometimes you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. Just say yes to any opportunities that come your way (stranger the better!). Last week I said yes to featuring in a rap (yes, rap) video and I got to spend a few hours with the cutest doge Nina. What a weird but great day. I'll link the video when it goes online for your amusement!

illustration by meee (:

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