Sunday, 11 January 2015


Recent years have brought about a huge change in the way I spend my days. Living in the city, a fair bit away from my family home, it can become easy to feel a little lost and homesick when you get a break from busy life.

I have been trying hard to visit home more often and squeeze quality time into those little hours, but sometimes it can be genuinely difficult to find space in hectic life agendas.
This is why it is key to have a really tight friendship circle. Everyday I count my blessings with the people that surround me. We eat together, shop, laugh, dance, drink, sleep aside one another and most of all we really care about each other, like a family.  For the first time, it honestly feels like my life is more like 'Friends' than I thought was ACTUALLY possible (we even have little hand gestures and catchphrases now - would sicken ye). I can't imagine just how different things would be if I didn't have this amazing support system! Well, I think it's safe to say that despite the new year kicking off a fortnight ago, I am still in a soppy reflective mood!

Here are my wee Kodak Moments from my New Years. These are the only photographs that I remembered to use the flash on; because alcohol. uh..

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