Sunday, 8 February 2015


A month has passed, and what did you achieve this month after all of those resolutions?
January was absolutely swell for me (not to rub it in or anything!). I spent a lot of time with my family and friends (mainly over cocktails and video games), attended local gigs and celebrated a lot of birthdays ( as all my friends are apparently January babies). It was a really chilled out January and for once I really feel like I've got my shit together. I have been drinking less, and cooking more dinners from scratch – which are both very mature things, I think.

I have had three chai lattes all month (which beats my usual three-a-day) and I have had an absolute ball creating content for VENT; it has really slipped into my routine a lot better ever than before and I have found it super therapeutic and stress-free. &Most importantly, I have been making more time for my M I N D!

Yoga and meditation have been great, but I do believe that putting a pause on drinking copious amounts has done wonders for my anxiety level. It seems that whilst drinking, I feel very chilled out and relaxed as though nothing could beat it, but when that leaves, I am left feeling both sick and extremely anxious. I guess that most people call this ‘the FEAR’ – and it is fairly common, but putting a limit on alcohol intake allows to the best of booze without the horrific blow come morning! Ultimately, not drinking is probably the best option here, but alcohol is just too damn fun.

illustration by moi!

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