Friday, 19 December 2014

What a Difference a Year Makes

Year one is nearly over, and what a year it has been.

It has been a year of personal discovery. Before 2014, my fashion addiction was fueled mainly by high street and designer brands, but blogging about local independent fashion shops and their vintage stock allowed me to realize that I had a love for vintage and retro design.  Now a lot of my blogging still involves vintage fashion and my day job is 100% vintage heaven.
I was really impressed with how much commitment and time I have put into blogging without giving up or letting the standard slip. I have always gone through fads in childhood and teenage years where I would obsess over an activity for a few weeks then get bored and drop it; and I have shocked myself by how engrossing the act of blogging has been and continues to be.  It has allowed for me to reflect on opportunities and events that I have going on, and really appreciate everything more so than if I wasn't logging my life.

Something valuable that blogging has taught me in my first year has been the business education behind blogging, branding, PR and advertising.  I was able to learn first-hand how people work with bloggers in this day and age to advertise by collaborating, and I worked with various brands on my own blog through styling and reviewing.  I have been blown away by how Blogging can be a freelance job and despite only dipping my toes in this year with sponsored posts and gifted products, I have a whole new respect and understanding of what hard work it is to be a full-time blogger, but what a rewarding experience it can be too.
Blogging has given me the opportunity to travel a little, meet other bloggers, make contacts with people I would have never thought I could have met, extend my wardrobe (every girls dream) and experience so many amazing things. The most life-changing thing that the blog brought me was the opportunity to meet my new employers and through that I was able to get a full-time job that allowed me to put more time into my passions, and put university on hold until I am sure of what path I want to go down.  Now I am building my knowledge on what it is to run an independent vintage fashion shop and it has been an amazing experience so far, and one I couldn’t have imagined I would have ever been given.

A thing I tend to reflect on a lot since beginning blogging is friendship.  When I began blogging I soon found out who was supportive and who belittled me for going for it. Some people would tell me I was wasting my time and that people wouldn’t ever be interested in it – which was never the point to blogging. Needless to say, I don’t imagine that any friends in my circle are like this now.
One of the best friendships I have ever had, was birthed through a VENT//blog sale. She bought my jeans and my heart and without the blog I don’t think we would be where we are now.  Submarine Sisters, best friends and big messes. Faaantastic.

Blogging, despite being on the internet (a place where people can often isolate themselves from the real world), has brought about some amazing new friends this year. I have met so many other brilliant bloggers from all walks of life with many different blogging interests. I am a part of the FABB NI group (fashion and beauty bloggers from all over NI) and I have met so many great local bloggers who love a good ganch and it has been a bit of a shock to find out that the blogging scene is a lot bigger than I had previously imagined. I also attended a few Belfast Blogger Meet Ups that opened my eyes and taught me more about blog growth – that community is such a supportive space and I plan to continue attending their events.

This hobbie turned into something a lot more. It is the reason I am as proactive as I am today and why my life has so much positivity in it. At the beginning of 2014, I was working a job I hated, whilst studying a course I had lost all passion for, surrounded by people who I don’t see anymore.  Now I have a dream job, surrounded by people I care for more than they can imagine and I know more about who I am and who I want to become than I thought was possible.  I am forever reflecting on my life thanks to the blog, and more grateful than ever of the privileges that have come my way. It has blown me away how much of a success the blog has become and I really could not have come so far if it wasn’t for VENT’s readers and the little pushes you give me. I hope that many of you stay with me in the second year of slobbering on about life in Belfast and old peoples used clothes. I don’t know where 2015 will bring me, but I do know it’s gonna be great. 


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Eeesh! I am so bloody proud of you girl <3 and also miss you gazillions xoxoxox

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