Monday, 1 February 2016


As you may or may not know, I am currently studying Fine Art at the University of Ulster. My practice focuses on creating anti-anxiety content on film and I have been working on a documentary about the ASMR phenomenon.
Generally speaking, my practice is not as bubble-gum fun as some of my past artworks, and can be a drag at times. That's why I was stoked when my lovely chummy Cheylene Murphy (Wonder Villains, Pleasure Beach) approached me about creating some images for the launch of a music project, Beauty Sleep.   We met in the park with an array of ideas and left with a plan to create some images that were both wishy-washy and whimsical, but that also had to "look like the band sounds".
Follow up a week later and she was sure to regret her decision of my involvement. She joined Ryan McGroarty (Wonder Villains / A Bad Cavalier) and Aimee Williamson (Little Neddy Goes To War), as they took it in turns to lay in a bath filled with cold milk, food colouring, and floaty fabrics before playing around with body paint, hair and far too many blankets. But of-course, it's always worth it.

My housemate, banter-bringer and god-damn gifted photographer of a friend, Ciara McMullan was dragged into the madness along the way, and has her own kaleidoscopic images from the shoots that you just must see. She was so much fun to work with and I hope to God we get another chance to work together in that way again.

Anyway, so whats happening now then? The gorgeous gang have just released a single for streaming HERE. Ever heard of dream pop? It's like, somewhere between Swim Deep and your mother's bedtime lullaby that you used to be sang every night before bed until you were around six years old; and yet, you have been longing for that soothing closeness ever since. Well, long no more.
So, go to their first gig, HERE'S the event page. Support comes from band Franklyn (ex-General Fiasco boyos new project) and Strength (who them alone is a show worth seeing!). See you there!

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